Hey All,

My name is Matthew Ellington, debut author of THE SHADED. I Live in Oxford, MS with my beautiful wife, our two kids, and a weird cat. I guess we are what you might consider the typical american christian family.  My wife is a stay at home mom (God Bless Her!)

When I am not “fighting crime” on public lands as a federal law enforcement officer, I can be found hiding in the quiet corner of my brain (because a quiet corner doesn’t exist in my house) putting to paper what the crazy corner tells me too (ohh, but my house has plenty of crazy).

I have been writing for several years, attempting to technically elevate my craft beyond my level of insecurity in hopes of one day publishing without embarrassment, only to discover the fallen human nature is overly abundant with self doubt, capable of obfuscating the true measure of ones own talent. So realizing I am no unbiased judge of my own work, This is where I release it into the wild, in faith, that my time, sweat, and blood was not in vain. I pray that my novels will bring at the very least amusement to some, but perhaps God inspired life changing epiphanies to others. (All things are possible with Him right?)

If you would like to contact me me you, just click the hyper link. Thanks again for letting me share a little about me with you!